About Lavangen


Inhabitants: 1015
Area: 303,9 km2


Short distances to airports and cities:

Bardufoss Airport 70 km

Evenes Airport 85 km

Narvik 70 km

Harstad 120 km

Tromsø 200 km


Lavangen community is situated between Narvik and Tromsø. There are daily buses in all directions: Narvik, Tromsø, Finnsnes. It is possible to go by bus from Lavangen to Finnsnes and then go on board “Hurtigruta” to Tromsø, a 3 hour voyage which gives a small taste of the beautiful coastline. There are three airports within an hour’s drive. Also railway (Narvik) is an hour’s drive away.

Making a living in Lavangen

A great deal of the people here is employed in the community. But agriculture, tourism, small family owned companies and some other businesses have also found a way of making a living here.

The municipality has for the time being great need of health workers. We also need those who are prepared to start their own business or bring their business to Lavangen. There is a possibility of getting economic or guidance assistance.

Studiesenteret.no is a network of study centers linking 80 municipalities and seven university colleges.

Settlement, children, family

The population in Lavangen consists mainly of Norwegians and Saami people, and the community Lavangen is geographically divided in several small villages with Tennevoll as center. We live in a safe society with little traffic and almost non-existent crime. Most people live in detached houses. We have areas ready for building and houses for rent. There is a grant for young families under 40 years if they want to buy a house.


Like other communities in Norway Lavangen has a well established health service and school system. A nurse follows child and parents from before the birth, the community doctor is established in Soløy Health Center and our old people have a home in Lavangsheimen when they no longer are able to live by themselves.

Lavangen has a school with pupils from 6 to 16 years. The school has pedagogic supervision of small children and help with homework till around 4 o’clock pm. It is a modern school, well equipped with data for the pupils. In 2009 Lavangen was rated best school in Norway!

We have room in the kindergartens for all the children. The kindergartens are today situated in three places in Lavangen, but we are in the process of establishing one central kindergarten on Tennevoll, the community center.


Lavangen is not the place for nightlife, restaurants and discos, but you can find these things in villages close to Lavangen. We arrange a yearly cultural happening in June, with lots of music, activities and sports. All of it arranged by volunteers!.

Nature is an essential part of the recreation here in Lavangen. The mountain is close wherever you live. But also indoor activities are possible. Groups and teams are active and have gathered around several interests, for example spinning, zumba, football, ski and other sports.

We have a new sports hall in 2011, situated close to the school. Here we can play football and do other sports. The swimming pool is restored and appears as quite new. We have all been longing for a new hall for many years!





Hiking in the mountains, woods or by the fiord.

The tracks in Lavangen invite you to short, long, challenging, but foremost scenic routes. All tracks are marked and the special map shows starting points. You can choose trips to summits such as Spanstind, Trosen or Reitetinden if you like a challenge and a breathtaking view. Are you interested in cultural heritage, you will take a walk from Spansdalen to Fossbakken, or along the fiord from Soløy to Aa, along the paths people used in earlier times. But whatever you find attractive, you’ll find a well described route in Lavangen.

Ice climbing in Spansdalen, Lavangen

Spansdalen is a U-valley, but looks like a V. The valley is steep and lies in shadow from early autumn till late spring. This is of course not an advantage for those living there, but for the ice climbers it is ideal. The rivers and brooks down the sides of the valley freeze early and avoid thawing all through the winter. This makes the ice an extraordinary quality, very suitable for climbing. In 2010 and 2011 climbers from several European countries gathered in Lavangen for climbing in February.

Fishing in the fiord

Lavangen has a rich tradition in fishing, and Aa Gård ( Aa Farm) has taken up the activity. You can rent well equipped cottages and have access to boats with an outboard motor. And then: start fishing! Cod is the most common catch, but you may also get catfish, salmon or sea trout.

Skitrips to summits

Lavangen har several easy accessible summits for skiers. Spanstind (1457 meters above sea level) by E6 is probably the most popular, but also Årsteinhornet and Trosen are within reach for the dedicated skiers.